(Medi-bay Australia) is an advanced directory service for healthcare related business worldwide.

About Healthads

Healthads is affordable classified and auction site specifically geared for healthcare products and services. We help those in the healthcare industry attract attention to their products through high quality listings and powerful advertising.

What We Offer

Our services include classifieds and auctions designed for those in the healthcare industry. Our services are almost free to use and simple to navigate. Our promotion allows healthcare product suppliers to reduce their prices, thereby improving access to quality care and premium products.

In addition to our auctions and classifieds, we also include links and GEO for those who wish to be found on the local level. Through our services, customers can easily locate the products or services they need with the click of a mouse.

How We’re Different

Our services are almost free to use and to search. This means we charge only spam deterring fee for services. Our goal is to eliminate costly listings and make it easier for people to find what they need when they need it.

Why Choose Our Services

A better question is, why not use our services? With almost free listings, there is absolutely no risk associated with using Healthads. Locating the right clients and customers has never been easier thanks to our advanced listing services.

Improve your business and advance the industry, by using for your products and services.

Healthads as a SEO submission tool works as a business directory. Ultimately, it does not matter how and what is advertised next to your product. What matters is that your potential customers will find you ahead of your competition based on keywords you use.

Ultimately, every business wants its products to occupy the WHOLE first page of Google!

For example, you have a nutritional supplement to sell or established new healthcare service / practice. You need to get ahead of competition, you need customers finding you based on keywords that best describe your service or product. All you need is to submit free ad with and get hundreds or even thousands of customers finding your product.